Traditional Khmer Blessing before the New Year at Capital Hall
Monday, 11 Apr 2011 13:18

In order to welcome new year, the Year of Rabbit, Buddhist Era 2555, 2011 there have been noticed that every public or private institution or house, they always celebrate a traditional ceremony in Buddhist style aiming to chase bad things from the exiting year out and to obtain things better, good luck, prosperity for new year to come.

In the same manner, on April 11, 2011, at the Capital Hall, there was a preparation of a traditional ceremony by inviting 72 Buddhist monks for blessing and offer them foods and some essential gifts under chairmanship of H.E Governor KEP Chuk Tema, Lok Chum Teav and their family with the participation of Departments, Divisions and Institutions in Phnom Penh to expel all bad things by Robaim Trode(Traditional Khmer Dance for the New Year) performing to welcome the new year's well-being and wished all leaders, officers of the Capital Hall and their families, Phnom Penh citizens as well as all Cambodians with happiness, healthy, success and prosperity.