SCA Contributes in Phnom Penh Development
Wednesday, 07 Dec 2011 13:49
Landscaping, new drainage and canal system construction project Phnom Penh International Airport fence along Russian Blvd. in Sangkat Kakap, Dangkat District which were constructed by Cambodia Airports (SCA: Societe Concessionnaire de L’Aeroport) of France commenced from June 2008 and completed in March 2011, were inaugurated on December 2011 under presidency of H.E Governor KEP Chuk Tema and H.E MAO Havannall, Secretary of State of Civil Aviation.

According to report of Mr. Emmanuel MENANTEAU, Chief Executive Officer of SCA, after having received principle approval from the Royal Government, SCA has been operating and managing Phnom Penh International Airport including full scale improvement works on infrastructure of the airport equipped with modern equipment according to global aviation standard, thus number of visitors to come to Cambodia had been annually increased, the main national income from tourism sector which was significant to the country’s development as well as providing several skilled jobs to Cambodian people as well.

Mr. Emmanuel also stressed that aiming to contribute with the Capital Hall in improving image and environment of the city as well as to keep the airport safe, SCA had constructed 2,307m fence, 7,328m2 sidewalk, 646m steel fence, 9,000m2 park, 77 locations of water pipe, 2,162m of drainage and canal system which would be able to store about 25,000m3 of water; these cost about 805,246 UDS and would have been instrumental in making the neighborhood both environmentally-friendly and healthy.

Addressing in the occasion, H.E Governor had conveyed his appreciation and gratitude to SCA for participating with the Capital Hall in establishing the park and drainage system that could make the city more beautiful and it would be marked as the achievement of 2011, the successful year of Cambodia in attracting more tourists to visit Phnom Penh even the airport is still small, but it is clean and provides good service which it the impression of the tourists. H.E Governor had continued that the established drainage system wan linked directly to Kob Srov Pumping Station that Capital Hall constructed and inaugurated during recent rainy season. This could be make this region out of rain water flood; thus people living around this area should help keep this achievement clean and safe together with SCA; therefore, this zone would not be inundated, be in good environment and healthy, the attraction for tourists who would arrive at our airport.
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