New National Stadium And Golf Course to be Constructed in Phnom Penh
Wednesday, 19 Sep 2012 16:32
H.E THAONG Khun, Minister of Tourism Ministry and also chief of Cambodia Olympic National Committee and H.E KEP Chuktema, Phnom Penh governor, escorted by expert officers visited on September 19th, 2012 the location of new high standard national stadium to be constructed in Bak Kheng Commune, Russey Keo District. During the visit, H.E KEP Chuktema raised that sport is the necessary section which need to be improved based on high perspective of Samdech Techo HUN Sen while the economic growth and citizens living standard get improved.

New national Stadium to be constructed in the near future is named Morodak Techo National Stadium located on 80 hectares of land size and planned to spend around 40 million dollars excluded other infrastructures expense. H.E governor added that it is the first biggest national stadium in Cambodia comprising of big compound, modern fashion, high technology, not far from the downtown and plan to organize construction inauguration ceremony under highest presence of Samdech Techo HUN Sen. This area is under the project of new construction city owned by LYP Group Company of Lok Oukna Ly Yong Phat covered by infrastructures, water system, electricity, drainage system, safari, international parking place, high class golf course with 36 holes and five star hotel etc.

The experts will start its work immediately after finishing the study on new stadium master plan under the permission from the Royal Government. H.E THAONG Khun, chief of Cambodia Olympic National Committee recommended the responsible company to design the project in which including big streets, modern infrastructures, entertainment places, commerce centers, high standard houses for absorbing the interests from citizens as well as promoting this new city to become the modern one in Asia South-East.

This stadium will be constructed for complex-sports facilities such as physical sport, international football field, valley ball field and golf field decorating with green picture. This is the good time for Cambodia to improve its sport area as our people’s living standard get increased from year to year. Furthermore, we have to strengthen our sport section in order to compete with other neighboring countries. The construction will be controlled and monitored by International Sport Alliance (Cambodian Olympic National Committee) to ensure that the quality of the stadium is absolutely followed by international standard. In addition, this stadium is the modern one in Cambodia and Asia region which we can become the owner of SEA Game or other big sport events after 2020.