New Achievemnts at Koh Pich
Tuesday, 16 Aug 2011 08:18
In presiding over the official inauguration of "rainbow bridge" on 15th August 2011, H.E Governor KEP Chuk Tema has proudly in good will expressed that the efforts to restore and build Phnom Penh for over 32 years has turned the city, which before was known as a ghost city without anything, to be a capital with many high buildings, bridges and roads, and it indeed indicates a real progress. Concretely, this rianbow bridge is another fruitful result stemming from development contribution by Oversees Cambodia Investment Corporation (OCIC), a good development partner of Phnom Penh Capital Hal.
Okhna Pong Khiev Se, General Director of OCIC, who gained exclusive rights to execute development project of this satellite city said for its process, the company stroke a deal with Phnom Penh Capital Hall in 2006 and currently, many infrastructures have been seen such as Pich (Diamond) Bridge and Hang (Swan) Bridge. The new rainbow bridge is made from concrete, 110m x 70m, spending 3 Million USD. At the same time, the company is constructing other twin bridges in front of Samdech Hun Sen Park. Therefore in the future, the island will have 5 bridges could welcome about 50,000 people to the area.
In that occasion, H.E Governor appreciated hard working of authorities at all levels who struggle every challenge to develop the area, and also praised OCIC for the contribution to Phnom Penh development, especially Koh Pich, the company plans to construct a 555-storey building, the second highest in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the Capital Hall also gets benefits from the development and turn them to other achievements such as new Preah Monivong Bridge, Flyover at Khbal Thnol and Lork Song Hospital Traffic Light.
Inauguration Activities by H.E Governor

After the the ceremony finished, H.E Governor continued to inspect a pumping station at Ounalorm Pagoda which has fully operated after a heavy rainfall on 14th August 2011.

Pumping Station Inspection Activities by H.E Governor